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Join hands with smart home,explore AI!--2017“Shanghai No. 1”theme party

Zhang yulong CMO

As the supplier of intelligent system of furniture, we have been walking on the intellectualized road of furniture for 18 years, striving to innovate excellently, and also have feeling of success and loss. At present, the intelligent furniture (home) did not completely brought the consumers to a better and deeper life experience and enjoyment .How to realize the real interconnection between furniture(home) and AI is a difficult problem that I want to express.

We have lots of work to do with our peers in the interactive design and immersive experience of smart furniture(home).

At this theme party, I hope to get acquainted with elites in more industries, and to discuss the in-depth cooperation between smart home and cross-border integration.

Tang wenji vice-president

“Hand in hand to the intelligent,beyond forever”,BeyondSmart focuses on the intelligent mission and vision of furnitured.We raw intelligent lifestyle products with the power of team.To achieve a spirit of ingenuity furniture person.

With our own unique insight to express the spirit of ingenuity in heart.To give the product a deeper soul with the beautiful Chinese poetry culture, each product has one poetry and one picture.

  • We highlighted three kinds of product:King, Bracelet, Warm Feel;All the people were immersed in wonderful talk and the atmosphere was very harmonious. For product "Warm Feel", professor Lin gave the suggestion of that details.Whether this products can apply to a wider range of smart wearable products, and we will discuss it in detail in the future.

Tang jin     Mijian medical innovation Business dept.
  • Director

The progress of human society as well as the progress of natural science has its inexorable law.

Artificial intelligence does not a sudden occurrence; it is an application of big data.;The big data also does not a sudden occurrence. It is a process or form of information development.

Taking the health industry as an example, the medical informationization has provided a distributed management and service platform from the manual era to the electronic age and the digital era. Under this accumulation of informatization, human beings began to be able to acquire, store, and process data in large quantities, then extract information, mine laws, establish rules, and use knowledge to serve humanity. Informatization, cloud technology, and big data mutually support each other.

The most attractive application of big data is artificial intelligence. There are many successful primary cases. For example: AlphaGo, for example, "IBM Watson first diagnosed rare leukemia for only 10 minutes!" All of these are good start.

The big health industry and technology get together to solve the bottleneck of difficult data acquisition and difficult modeling.

How to effectively improve the quality of data and effectively place artificial intelligence.

Mijian has accumulated a large number of clinical cases, medical image data and experience in developing medical information system.It was first proposed to develop an artificial intelligence clinical information system platform for early warning closed-loop management of patients from typical departments

A clear entry point and a bright spot for breakthroughs are found in areas where big data is relatively complete and data quality is relatively good, indicating more and more possibilities.

I am very pleased to have exchanges and discussions with experts and teachers, hoping to play a role in building a healthy data ecosystem in China and actively exploring new business models for health services. Thank you!

汪伊文Wang yiwen
  • Investment and financing

In the new century and the new era,human life has entered a new stage.After the traditional division of the industrial revolution,mechanization, electrification, and automation, we have entered the initial stage of intelligence. As a barometer of the real economy, the capital market has already responded to intelligence in advance,and many high-quality companies and stocks have emerged in the intelligence industry.

In the smart era, we need industrial foundations, and we need to be practical and dedicated. All of you here in the smart home field have long been committed to hard work and innovation, which is worthy of the admiration of our securities investors.

In the smart age, capital boosting is needed. In these years, industrial capital and financial capital have cooperated in smart homes, internet of things, voice interaction, biometrics, AR\VR and so on, and many positive interactions have emerged in the first and second markets. The “Unicorn” companies, such as HIKVISION, DAHUA, and iFLYTEK, which is the good example

for the combination between industry and finance. We look forward to in-depth cooperation with us.

In the era of intelligence, people need to be “wise” to be like a city. It is undeniable that China’s smart era has many shortcomings and deficiencies from a horizontal comparison. We are even more expecting that our scientific experts, entrepreneurs, and even smart craftsmen in the field of intelligence will have products that are even harder and more in line with market demands; we also hope that more financial capital can be invested in this vibrant industry. Looking forward to through our joint efforts in the intelligent era, China can walk in the forefront of the world!

王臻 AI投融资 CEO

I took more than two hours of high-speed rail to attend this theme party and will returned to Suzhou at night. I am mainly to learn,and listen to the advice of experts. So i leave precious time for everyone. I am want to enter this field to cooperate with you. I think smart home developing is the trend in the future, and also the direction of capital chase. I hope to find a good starting point for AI+ home intelligence.

Han yang U+furniture CMO

U+ Furniture is an independent brand and we always hope our original furniture can have a traditional spirit and contemporary design.  Shen Baohong,our design director, needs to receive the prize tonight, so he entrusted me to participate in this gathering to understand the use of new materials, new technologies, and intelligence in the furniture industry. I am benefited greatly tonight. There are opportunities for further cooperation with many professional teams and teachers present here. New materials, new technologies, and intelligence must be the direction of the future of the furniture industry. Tonight's theme gatherings will make us more convinced of this.

Xiang ming  Yaodonghua Decor Materials Technology Co.,LTD  Senior consultant , Senior engineer

Toast off, we share the following three viewpoint for intelligent work:
1. In the era of smart home, the kitchen and bath have clear functions, so it is much easier to realize intelligence in furniture.
2. Interior decoration to the present, the realization of smart furniture function requires the exchange of strong and weak electricity, affecting the choice of furniture materials and the difficulty of space placement.Traditional furniture materials have been difficult to solve the strong electricity (municipal power) converted into weak electricity after the tidy room.Aesthetic problems cause consumers to be reluctant to accept.What the first thing to solve is the substrate problem, such as conductive sheet, strength and weakness of the electric cable, functional tiles, etc.; 3. In order to meet customer requirements, further clarify the concept of whole house customization, combined with the concept of intelligent manufacturing, rapid measurement, factory customization, simple installation, and at the same time integrate intelligent sensing and control into the scene, fully reflecting comfort and character lifestyle.

Zeng jinxiang  Red cotton smart board  Yaodonghua Decor Materials Technology Co.,LTD       Chairman assistant

Yaodonghua has more than 20 years of professional R&D, production and sales of "Red Cotton Brand" furniture upholstery, interior decoration boards, smart boards, providing one-stop services such as furniture of the same color matching package materials,furniture hardware, home decoration accessories, and smart home improvement solutions.

The company has 25 independent intellectual property rights, participated in the revision of 21 national industry standards, independent research and development of the built-in conductor decorative panel (smart board) by the new identification to reach the international advanced level. It has a beautiful appearance, power, communication capabilities, a variety of sound, light, electricity and other intelligent terminals, which can be achieved in the built-in conductor decorative panel.It becomes a communication platform for the Internet of things.

Red cotton smart board can be used in indoor furniture, interior decoration, wall decoration, commercial space, building and other advanced venues. The current customers mainly come from domestic custom furniture brands, home improvement companies and real estate developers. Red cotton smart board can bring infinite design inspiration and imagination to decoration designers and intelligent engineers, making furniture more dazzling, making decoration more agile and creating unlimited possibilities in limited space!

Li bing Haier kitchen bath project
  • Director
After Haier acquired GE in 2016, it began to arrange the kitchen and toilet market, and led its brand owners Fisher & Paykel, GE, Casa Di, Haier, are command to built the social kitchen and smart kitchens and smart bathrooms and so on. In order to provide a better and safer life experience.
Liu wentian,Muyou design, goo design Co-founder Designer

The children's furniture brand "goo design" is a new brand by two fathers, hoping to make furniture products that are more in line with children's nature and can accompany their children's growth. It also explained itself to “intelligence”: Human wisdom is the observation and thinking of nature, but it is also different from knowledge. Knowledge can be accumulated through learning, but wisdom seems to be more inclined to the spirit and realm of the mind, accompanied by children. In particularly, children are up to 7 years old, parents' companionship is indispensable.
In the meantime, professor Lin proposed how to combine artificial intelligence children's robots with goo design products, which requires deeper practical communication and collisions offline.

Guan zhongxin Rilang  President

After about 30 years of arduous exploration, he has traveled to Europe and the United States and other countries to seek better materials. He eventually developed a variety of materials together: hard and firm, high-quality noise reduction, glass color change, inner layer sound insulation glass, which can be filled with inert gas.It is widely used in doors, windows of homes, buildings and projects.

In the future, sound-proof glass will develop intelligently with color change, dimmable, audio and video, and radiation protection. It can be integrated with the smart home space. It is possible that the curtains are just decorations, and the interior living space is closer to nature and ecology.

He jie  Innovative materials hall
  • Director
Our “Materials”is the first one-stop service platform for material solutions in China.
“Materials”is a connection platform for manufacturers from the entire process of product design, procurement, process, and manufacturing, and material planner, suppliers, and engineers.

O2O application: 500,000 plus information dates of materials, 800,000 plus materials supplier database, 100,000 plus materials detailed property database, accurate and efficient matching / matching supply and demand information.

Service Communities: A seamless communication and interaction platform for the entire industry chain of new materials, creating a service community with the most innovative service capabilities in the material industry and linking elites from all walks of life.

Innovation Materials Museum: the online materials e-library is integrated with the offline material library to establish a library of innovative materials,sustainable development materials, and Provide consulting services on material selection problems and solutions in various industries. Regularly carrying out opening activities and salons for designers, providing a platform for enterprises and users to communicate.

  • Investment and financing

From the perspective of financial industry analysis: A very important function of smart home is the ability to interact with information. For example, we send instructions to smart homes. Smart homes can perform and feedback correct results. The realization of this important function is inseparable from the development of network media. In the past, the promotion of 3G networks has enhanced the experience of using smart phones, which has promoted the development of mobile Internet; and the experience upgrade of smart homes is bound to be accompanied by Internet-connected Internet of things and widely used.

This year, the three major operators have begun to deploy NB-IoT Internet of things, and next year will also build a medium-rate eMTC Internet of things. The acceleration of the Internet of things will surely bring about the development of the smart home industry and we look forward to the smart home industry in the era of the Internet of things.

Yuan xinfeng MAGNIFQUE CEO

We are mainly engaged in the production of tube processing machinery, cutting machinery, automated whole plant equipment, high-precision bending pipe molds and related fixtures. We hope that we can learn more about the industry outside our business, so as to have new business opportunities and inspiration. And to understand their own intelligence: wisdom / humanity / convenience;

The understanding of cross-border integration is: industry cross-border (entity/financial, entity/entity/financial); model cross-border (production model/business model/profitability model); thinking cross-border (win-win/triple-win/multi-win/total Win); Contacts cross-border, etc. We thanks for professor Lin for providing this opportunity and platform!

"Thanks for Lin let all walks of life are met at here. sincerely telling oneself to see the truth, when there is a gathering of sand and towers, everyone can work together to break the gold",expressed by their sincerity and faith!

Jiang jingjing  Designer

Dear teachers, I thank you for providing and giving this opportunity to participate in the theme gathering of “Smart Home Cross-Border Integration and Development”.At the same time, Thanks for sharing, so that we can learn more and more abundant information in the industry and abroad. I graduated from the Industrial Design Department of Nanjing University of the Arts. As a design worker with a short history, I don’t know much about smart technology. However, with the development of the times, smart home will  certainly enter people’s lives and become universally, not only furniture (home), but also more aspects of life.

As a product designer, I am grateful for this opportunity to learn from the teachers and industry elites about the diverse understanding and explanation of smart homes.

I hope that I will have the opportunity to learn more from  teachers. I also hope that I will have the opportunity to make a contribution to the smart life and have more good works with the project team.

Sun ximan  Designer

I spent seven years in interior design, from residential model design and software installation to present-day commercial space design exhibition. Through this exchange, I met the elites in the smart industry and various fields, and explored many possibilities for future development. Under the conditions of continuous and rapid development of the level of intelligence, especially the continuous advancement of smart technologies, it has greatly promoted people's living standards. Therefore, designers are also required to use intelligent and innovative use of new materials in future design work to better guide design services to individuals, improve home safety and convenience, and build comfortable and artistic living environments.

Xuting  Designer

Under the condition of continuous improvement of intelligent equipment, people are paying more attention to the intelligent and automation of indoor environment when they conduct residential indoor design. Smart homes have begun to replace traditional home environments to meet people’s growing living needs. In the indoor decoration design, people pay more attention to the comfortable and beautiful indoor environment and the degree of safety. Smart home as a new industry, smart home will be an inevitable trend, great potential for future development.

Wanglihua Shanghai jinchengda digital technology Co.,ltd President

We cover three businesses for Shanghai Xinlian Weixun Technology Development Group: (Stock code: 839292)

1. Information issue: there are more than 100 five-star hotels in the country, including Shangri-La, Marriott and Howard Johnson. The most distant customers are Urumqi, Xinjiang and Lijiang. WeChat, website design and follow-up maintenance business, the main customers are the Women's Federation of Huangpu District, the Association for Science and Technology, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Federation of Industry and Commerce, etc.
2. Energy monitoring and sub-item measurement systems for office buildings, schools, hospitals, hotels, train stations, etc., energy consumption prediction, data query, and equipment management for air conditioning units, lighting, water pumps, and fans. Energy audit business. Building environmental protection, patented technology to completely remove formaldehyde, project implementation, third-party testing. Major customers: Huangpu District Government, Jiushi Building, Shanghai South Railway Station, Ruian Land, Shanghai Federation of Industry and Commerce, Bangbu High-speed Rail, Shenneng Building, Huangpu District Library, Luwan Middle School;
3, Intelligent design and construction, smart city passenger flow monitoring, smart tourism and specialty towns. Major customers: The Bund, Tianzifang, Yuyuan, Shanghai Center, Disneyland, Greenland, Foshan International Finance Center, Kunming South Asian No.1 City, Colorful Yunnan Happy World, Dawan Department Store, Freedom Square, etc. We are here for the intelligence elite peer, cheers!

Xiejia CPA

As a financial advisor for a corporate IPO, I have mainly served customers in manufacturing industries in recent years, such as Harson, Orbit, and Jiuan Medical. Although I work with the numbers every day, I believe that we should measure happiness in life. The only criterion is not the amount of money, but the daily life experience; each of us has two biggest treasures in life, that is, talent and time, our life can be said to use time for talent, smart home industry.The ultimate experience brought about by development is to allow us to use our time more efficiently, so that we can fully display our talent and energy to create and change the bright future of our humanity.The criterion for looking at life happiness from the perspective of a professional accountant is not how much money you have, but how your heart is informed. Please toast!

Lin Zihan 2025Smart home equipment joint laboratory


  • Researcher

Welcome to every colleagues at the “2025 Smart Home Furnishing Joint Laboratory” group themed gathering. The wonderful speeches of all of you will encourage us to be more forging ahead!

Our joint laboratory is a project cooperation project laboratory composed of sovereign companies and affiliated agencies. It is committed to developing friendly relations between industries and promoting AI progress through the cooperation of international and domestic smart technology projects and research on the safety issues of AI+ smart home furnishing equipment. Promote Smart Upgrade of Industry 4.0+ China Industry 2025, promote cross-border integration of smart homes, and improve smart living standards and quality.

The OTO project expert team of "residential kitchen network" is the basic member team of our joint laboratory. See: www.cw001.net and our profile.

Today, together with Shenzhen Momo Technology Co., Ltd., we invited you and your colleagues to gather together to discuss the solution to the bottleneck problem in the home industry. AI and intelligent cross-border development will be integrated. We will express our opinions, interaction and cooperation. Not long ago, the State Council's State Council (2017) No. 35 document issued the “New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Planning Notice”: the major developed countries in the world all regard AI as the largest development strategy at present and take the lead in the new round of international competition.

By 2025 years, China's AI theory and technology must reach the world's leading level. The scale of the AI core industry has reached 400 billion yuan, and the scale of related industries has driven more than 5 trillion yuan. Together, we participated in the 2025 Smart Home Equipment Joint Laboratory Project to promote the overall leap in the competitiveness of the country and the leapfrog development. Explore the AI creeks, and our opportunities and difficulties are there!

We all agree with this kind of theme gathering. In the future, we will invite you to theme parties, theme tours, and theme activities in a richer and more varied forms.

Welcome to our group of joint laboratories. Please join us in the group to provide more positive energy, express more professional opinions, exchange ideas, and cooperate with cross-border colleagues.

(PS:On the evening of the 13th, it happened to coincide with the birthday of Xu zhen, the project manager of the US returning investment and financing project. We presented him with a big cake and a special birthday party.

Tang wenji lead a chorus and successfully concluded the theme party in the blessing song - Happy Birthday from all my colleagues. We also wish the home smart home cross-border integration development and cooperation to be smooth!

The colleagues exchanged their blessings with each other and reluctantly dispersed. We also look forward to reunion with us to discuss the integration of home smart cross-border technologies and contribute more to the development of AI and smart home products.)

September 18th,2017


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Tel:+86 755-82595567 ext 815
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