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Beyond Smart Furniture (ShenZhen) Co., Ltd website is online!!!

Our company is located in shiyan town, shenzhen city. Founded in 2018, it specializes in the research and development of functional sofa, massage health products, control integration, production and sales.
We have been designed with international first-class control, combining traditional Chinese medicine therapy with international advanced control technology and product manufacturing enterprises to produce and innovate intelligent health products.

The main products of the company include music massage, multi-function cup holder, motor control system, multi-function table board, power supply, thermal vibration massage, lighting and other accessories, in total 8 kinds of product categories.

Our products are under ISO standard management system, the human nature of factory environment, a comprehensive quality assurance system, especially proud of that and have a strong sense of responsibility, energetic and passionate sales team, research and development team, production team, we can promise without hesitation: You have two years of quality assurance after purchase of our products, and you can get the best service at a favorable price.

For many years, we adhere to independent innovation, vigorously develop scientific research, and strive to provide a high quality products and
best service for customers. Up to now, the company has obtained the national "high-tech enterprise" honorary certificates issued by the department of science and technology, the department of finance, the state taxation bureau and the local taxation bureau.
The company's scientific research ability and overall technical level are recognized by the state. This award is a recognition of our scientific research ability and research and development level, and is a supreme encouragement. At the same time, we have obtained the authorization of the American apple company and obtained the multinational patent. In the future, we will increase investment in scientific research, improve the ability of technology innovation, give fully play to the advantages of high and new technology enterprise and exemplary role. we will vigorously develop high and new technology industry,constantly improve and continuously innovate. Build a lasting core competitiveness.


Contact:Mr. Feng
Tel:+86 755-82595567 ext 815
Add:2nd Floor, Yonghe Building, Taiwan Industrial Park, Shiyan Street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen

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